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What is Tutelage?

Tutelage is a collection of small games for two players. Each of the games explores the changing relationship between a master and their apprentice, from their first encounter to their final showdown.

You might be clashing swords in a duel, learning new skills in gruelling training montages or sneaking off for a clandestine encounter with a romantic interest. The games are all simple to learn, and they link together with lightweight systems for tracking the changes in the two characters over the course of their time together. By the end of the game, the master and apprentice will be far from strangers - but will the relationship be one of respect, fear, rivalry or venom?

Tutelage is designed to be played over a couple of sessions of 2-3 hours each.

It is inspired in part by Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands by Meguey and Vincent Baker and its descendants, games like Stewpot by Takuma Okada.

The Games

Another Day, A Long Way

The Master is not an easy person to reach - and not by accident. The Apprentice will need to make a long and dangerous journey to reach them, with no promise of acceptance when they get there. Meanwhile we see The Master in repose, making the most of their peaceful, simple life of solitude.

No, I Will Not Train You

The Master does not want an Apprentice. If they did, they would have opened a school. Why are they so hesitant to teach? How are they convinced by the Apprentice? What are their conditions?

This Won’t Be Easy

The Master is going to teach The Apprentice a new skill, and it’s going to be hard work. Can they overcome the trials set before them?

An Odd Job

Life isn’t all eating, training and sleeping at the sanctuary. Sometimes, the Master gets a request for assistance and decides to send their dutiful Apprentice into the world in their stead.

Two Souls, Two Bowls

The Master and The Apprentice prepare a meal together and eat it. Will the two of them enjoy a shared experience, or will simmering tensions boil over?

Nothing But a Distraction

Even with all the focus in the world, we cannot always suppress our nature. The Apprentice falls for someone, but life under the watchful eye of the Master is complicated. What will become of this burgeoning relationship?

Crossing Swords

A new foe has appeared - challenger approaching! Two combatants face off with all their skill, clashing with blades and wit. Only one can emerge victorious.

A Little Downtime

For whatever reason, you’ve tacitly decided to give each other some space. No training exercises or probing questions today. What do the characters do to centre themselves & relax?

Time Passes

Days turn to months, turn to years. As the seasons pass, how do you each change? And how does the world change around you?

This Isn't Working

Your relationship has broken down to the point where it's no longer functional. It's time for the Apprentice to leave the sanctuary.

Grown Beyond You

There is nothing more that the Master can teach the Apprentice. They must leave the sanctuary and return to their home to continue their journey.

Final Words

All things fade. The Master has grown very old, and when the sun sets they will breathe their last. Before they go, they take this opportunity to entrust their final words to their Apprentice.


The balance of power has shifted, and your expectations for one another are mutually incompatible. As your relationship sours, you turn to violence. Only one of you will live to see tomorrow.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorJack Harrison
TagsFantasy, GM-Less, Sci-fi, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game


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