Satellite Descent Launched!

Hey everyone!

Satellite Descent is a collection of bonus content for Orbital, and it’s available now for all owners of the game. You’ll find four games for solo or duo play, letting you explore your station further after your Orbital game is complete (you can also just play them as standalone games!):

  • Passing the Blowtorch, in which you play the apprentice of the Wrench trying to hold the station together in their absence.
  • Spatial Delivery, in which you play an interstellar postal worker with a strange parcel to deliver to the station.
  • Starflung Missives, in which you play together as two people: one living on the station, one fighting on the frontlines of the Interstellar War.
  • Unreasonable Demands, in which you play a day in the life of the Source—wheeling & dealing.

You’ll also find two new character roles to choose in your Orbital games:

  • The Teen, a Strand-touched student with an attitude (by Viditya Voleti)
  • The Reformed, a former gang leader turned legitimate (by Jason Price)

I hope you enjoy the new content! It’s been really fun taking a sideways look at the game.




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Sep 10, 2021
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Sep 10, 2021

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I don't see any way to download the new content if we've bought the hard copy previously. Is it only available to new buyers?