New Layout, Soundtrack & Web App!


Since the launch of the Artefact I've been hard at work on refining it - responding to player feedback and comments from the various sites it's been shared on. You'll notice a few changes to these new versions of the game:

  • The body font is now Open Sans. (exciting typography klaxon!) While I love the thematic IM Fell fonts, they don't provide much readability when printed in the sizes I was using for the main text of the rules & tables. So I've kept French Canon for the titles & headings but moved to a much more legible font for the main text. I've also widened the margins to allow for a larger font size.
  • The PDF now has bookmarks & links. While it's not a huge document, I still recognise the value of a proper ToC and internal hyperlinks, especially for accessibility reasons. If you have any further suggestions to improve the accessibility of the document, please contact me @mouseholepress on Twitter!
  • I've replaced or improved some of the illustrations in the document. Some needed replacing to fit the new format, and some were improved as higher-resolution, more detailed versions.
  • I've added a section on taking breaks. One common piece of feedback I've had is that players sometime burn out before reaching the end of the game. If you're anything like me, you get carried away writing epic histories of early keepers, which can be fairly creatively exhausting! The game handles being played in sessions really well so I've recommended taking breaks if you start to feel tired.

Now, by far the most exciting thing to share with you is that we have a soundtrack! My wonderful friend & composer Christopher has been hard at work for a few weeks now making ambient, reflective music to play during the quiet moments of the game, as you wait for a new Keeper to arrive. You can download all the music as a .zip now.

I've also created a web app for playing the tracks, accessible at It should be easier than cueing up the tracks in a media player, and it should work on all modern browsers on desktop & mobile. I hope you find it enriches your game! If you have any technical issues with the app, please let me know.

This is probably the last major update for The Artefact for a while as I focus on other projects, but do let me know if you notice any further issues or hit any snags during play.

All the best!



The Artefact - Singles.pdf 3 MB
Jun 28, 2019
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Jun 28, 2019
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Jun 28, 2019

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